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Angie Andriot Art

Cross 1

Cross 1

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8x10” Acrylic on Canvas

This painting features a vibrant cross that stands as the central focus, imbued with deep spiritual symbolism. The cross is rendered in warm, glowing oranges and reds, colors that might represent passion, sacrifice, and the divine love associated with Christian iconography. At the intersection of the cross, circular motifs in contrasting blues draw the eye, suggesting the idea of unity, eternity, and spiritual insight.

The background swirls with dynamic strokes of greens and yellows, creating an almost radiant energy that seems to emanate from the cross, filling the canvas with life and movement. This backdrop is the spiritual force that surrounds and supports the symbol of the cross.

The texture of the paintwork is palpable, with raised strokes and splatters contributing to a sense of age and history, as if the cross has weathered time and human experience yet stands firm. The abstract nature of the background, in concert with the solid, almost tangible representation of the cross, suggests the interplay between the temporal world and enduring faith.

This piece evokes a sense of contemplation and reverence, inviting the viewer to reflect on the deeper meanings of the cross and its significance within their own life. It is both a celebration of faith and a personal meditation on the cross's place within the cosmos's grand tapestry.
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