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Angie Andriot Art



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20x16” Acrylic on Canvas

The painting presents a lamb, a universal symbol of innocence and purity, portrayed with a tender softness that captures the viewer's heart. The lamb's wool is textured in a myriad of curly strokes, shades of cream and taupe blending harmoniously to create a sense of depth and softness. Its face is painted with gentle care, from the dark, gentle eyes that radiate a calm, trusting look, to the soft pink of its ears that suggest a lively alertness.

Behind the lamb, the background is composed of swirling patterns in varying shades of green, giving a feeling of being nestled in a tranquil, pastoral setting. These swirls could represent the ever-present force of the shepherd's guidance, a nod to the loving protection afforded to the lamb.

The lamb's posture and expression suggest a serene confidence, embodying the sentiment of Psalm 23, where one is watched over and cared for, without want. It stands as a visual meditation on the themes of guidance, provision, and peace that are central to the psalm.

This study, with its focused depiction of the lamb against the abstracted background, allows the viewer to reflect on the essence of the Psalm—trust in the journey and divine companionship. It serves as a standalone piece and also as an insightful prelude to the larger work, providing a deeper understanding of the symbolism carried into the final composition.
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