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Angie Andriot Art



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6x8" Oil on Panel, Framed

"Meditation" is a vivid, textured tableau that pulses with serene energy. The thick impasto technique creates a tactile surface, where every stroke and dollop of paint adds to a layered symphony of colors. This medley of hues ranges from calming blues and tranquil greens to warm, vibrant yellows and deep, thoughtful reds, reflecting the spectrum of emotions and states one traverses in meditative contemplation.

The abstraction in "Meditation" encourages the viewer's eye to dance across the canvas, discovering new shapes and shades with each viewing, mimicking the ever-changing nature of thoughts during meditation. The strokes themselves have a rhythmic quality, almost like the steady breaths taken during a meditative practice. There is a harmony in the chaos, an order in the disorder, that speaks to the balance one seeks to achieve through meditation.

The painting invites introspection and calm, making it more than just visual art, but an interactive experience that evolves and resonates with the personal journey of each viewer. "Meditation" is not only a title but an invitation to pause, reflect, and connect with the deeper currents of one's inner world.
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