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Angie Andriot Art

Young Love

Young Love

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24x24” Oil on Panel (2 panels)

These two complementary paintings from the "Young Love" set portray a tender and affectionate exchange between a woman and a man, captured in the serene ambiance of a space filled with stained glass.

In the first painting, the woman is depicted in profile, with her hand gently cradling her face, as if she's lost in a sweet reverie or perhaps gazing at her beloved. The colorful stained glass behind her, rich with reds and yellows, frames her contemplation, suggesting the warmth and light that love brings into one's life.

The second painting reveals the man, positioned to be facing the woman, his expression reflecting a fondness and gentle admiration. The contours of his posture and the direction of his gaze indicate his affection and attentiveness towards her. The stained glass in his backdrop shares a stylistic resemblance with the first painting, reinforcing the interconnectedness of their experiences and emotions.

The use of stained glass as a backdrop in both pieces symbolizes the sacred and transcendent nature of their connection, with the light filtering through suggesting the clarity and beauty love brings. The windows also cast a mosaic of colors that envelop the figures, representing the complexity and vibrancy of their emotions.

Together, these paintings capture the essence of young love — a deep and introspective affection shared and reflected between two individuals, each painting offering a perspective of one half of a whole, united by the shared gaze and sentiment that binds them.
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