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Angie Andriot Art

Morning Meditation

Morning Meditation

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10x8” Acrylic on Canvas

This painting is an abstract composition rich in movement and symbolism, representing morning meditation. The canvas is filled with a sense of energy and tranquility that one might associate with the reflective calm of a morning routine.

At the top of the painting, three large swirls in warm hues of orange, yellow, and brown sit against a backdrop of cooler blues and greys, giving the impression of a dawning sky. The spirals represent the inner focus and the cyclic nature of life and thought during meditation.

Below the swirls, the central figure is reminiscent of a heart, painted in strokes of yellow and gold, which symbolize the warmth of love and the light of enlightenment that meditation brings. This heart-like shape is cradled by a larger form that suggests infinity or continuity, reinforcing themes of eternal love or infinite consciousness.

The bottom portion of the canvas is a bed of floral or musical forms in shades of purple, white, and grey, indicating the blossoming of ideas or the rhythm of a meditative state. These shapes imply a sense of harmony and peace.

The brushwork throughout the painting is expressive and free, with thick impasto techniques in places that add texture and depth. The palette is a balance of warm and cool tones, evoking a harmonious start to the day, reflecting the inner peace one seeks through the practice of meditation.

Overall, the painting is an ode to the serenity and introspective journey that morning meditation provides, with the visual elements working together to encapsulate the quiet yet powerful experience of starting the day in a state of mindful reflection.
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