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Angie Andriot Art

Easterly Winds

Easterly Winds

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12x24” Oil on Canvas

The painting, "Easterly Winds," is an evocative acrylic on canvas characterized by its dynamic and swirling composition. The canvas is dominated by large, curling forms that mimic the movement of wind, rendered in shades of white, blue, and grey, creating a sense of turbulence and motion. These spirals are set against a backdrop that represents a tumultuous sky, with darker greens and blues suggesting a stormy atmosphere. 

In contrast, the bottom of the painting is adorned with fiery red and orange brush strokes that resemble wildflowers or leaves being tossed about by the wind. These warm colors create a visual anchor, grounding the ethereal spirals above. The painting is alive with movement; the spirals seem almost like gusts of wind caught in a moment of time, while the vibrant 'flora' gives the impression of being swept across an unseen landscape.

The overall effect is one of dynamic balance, with the cool and warm tones complementing each other, and the directional brush strokes guiding the eye across the canvas. This abstract representation captures the essence of winds moving easterly, embodying the unseen energy of air in motion and the change it brings to the environment it touches.
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