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Angie Andriot Art

Mary and Elizabeth Bumping Bellies

Mary and Elizabeth Bumping Bellies

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16x20” Acrylic on Canvas

"Mary and Elizabeth Bumping Bellies" is a vivid and symbolic representation of a cherished biblical narrative. The artwork is filled with swirling patterns and bold colors that bring the scene to life with a sense of joy and divine connection.

Central to the composition are the figures of Mary and Elizabeth, who are portrayed in a stylized manner with pronounced, rounded bellies that touch or "bump" each other. This contact symbolizes the moment described in the Bible where the unborn John the Baptist leaps in Elizabeth's womb as he recognizes the presence of Christ in Mary's womb.

The figures are enveloped in flowing robes with spirals on their bellies, further emphasizing the miracle of life within them. These spirals represent the continuity of life, spiritual awakening, and the connection between the divine and the earthly realm.

Above Mary and Elizabeth, a flourish of blue swirls dominates the canvas, creating a backdrop reminiscent of the heavens or the movement of the Holy Spirit. These swirls represent the presence of God, watching over the sacred event.

Each figure has a halo depicted in golden yellow, a traditional element in religious art, symbolizing their saintliness and the sacredness of their roles in the biblical story. Their faces are simplified, which directs the focus to their shared moment rather than their individual characteristics.

The color palette is vibrant and predominantly features blues and greens, with accents of yellow. The blues may denote serenity and the celestial, while the greens could symbolize growth, fertility, and the flourishing of God's plans.

Overall, the painting is a contemporary interpretation of an ancient story, rich with symbolism and emotion. It captures a moment of connection not just between two women but also between their unborn children, celebrated figures in Christian theology, and serves as a visual meditation on themes of expectancy, joy, and divine purpose.
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