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Angie Andriot Art

Periwinkle Faery

Periwinkle Faery

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11x14” Acrylic on Canvas

This vibrant painting captures a whimsical scene centered on a periwinkle-colored fairy. The fairy, depicted with simplicity and charm, has expansive wings that are the focal point of the composition. These wings are painted in a delicate shade of periwinkle blue with a subtle gradient, giving them an ethereal quality. 

The fairy is anchored to the scene by a slender body and a singular circular face that is crowned with a warm, sun-like orb, adding a touch of whimsy to the figure. It stands amid a flourishing garden, with leaves in varying shades of green and specks of bright flowers dotting the foreground in reds and yellows, suggesting a lively and fertile natural environment.

A robust, brown tree trunk diagonally bisects the canvas, providing structure and a natural contrast to the softer forms and colors of the scene. The background features swirls of green and blue, evoking the sky and foliage, while cloud-like shapes in white and yellow add depth and interest to the upper part of the scene, perhaps suggesting a sunny day.

Overall, the painting is filled with joy and a playful spirit. It celebrates the magic of nature and the hidden realms of fantasy that can be found within it, inviting the viewer to appreciate the beauty and enchantment of a world just beyond our sight.
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