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Angie Andriot Art

Snow White

Snow White

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24x36” Oil on Wood
This evocative oil on panel, aptly titled "Snow White," invites us into a narrative realm where fairy tales and surrealism converge. The composition, vivid in its simplicity, captures an iconic moment with a twist that invites interpretation. A serene figure, reminiscent of the fabled Snow White, stands at the threshold of a checkered floor, her gaze modestly downturned, a subtle nod to the innocence and introspection of the character.

The space around her is suffused with a warm, earthy palette, suggesting a room steeped in antiquity. An ornate grandfather clock to her left stands as a sentinel of time, perhaps marking the pivotal moments of Snow White's journey. The presence of a cello on the side infuses the scene with an air of quietude and potential melody, hinting at the layers of stories untold.

From the right, a shadowy figure emerges through a portal, extending an apple—a symbol etched deep in the annals of folklore as a harbinger of change. This figure, with an almost spectral quality, adds an element of mystery and enchantment to the tableau, leaving us to ponder the nature of the offer.

The checkerboard floor anchors the scene in a pattern of duality, reflecting the intertwining of good and evil, knowledge and naivety. Through the interplay of allegorical imagery and bold yet thoughtful brushwork, "Snow White" becomes more than a painting; it's a meditation on the timeless themes of trust, temptation, and the crossroads of fate. This piece promises to be a captivating conversation starter, a jewel in the collection of any aficionado of original art with a taste for storytelling and depth.
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